A Talk with Keith Higginson, of Adam Sweet’s Mandolin Project

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Keith Higginson, 44, of Leominster, MA, is a member of the Monday night group mandolin class that is the basis for Adam Sweet’s Mandolin Project.  According to Keith, “I started playing it in my early thirties.  I have recently started to learn the mandola as well.  I never had any instruction before joining Adam’s group class a couple years ago.  I followed along through various instruction books on my own, and in the first few years played occasionally with my family.

“Since I was learning from books, I was learning the type of beginner music that you usually find in them, which is mostly old-time American and simple versions of bluegrass music.  This is more or less the kind of stuff my father played as well.  After a couple years, I began to find it very limiting.

“Playing in a mandolin orchestra really opened things up for me.  It’s been a deeper exploration musically, and has really improved my confidence and my basic skills along the way.  It’s so important to be able to play with other people.”


Adam Sweet’s Mandolin Project is always looking for new members.  If you play mandolin, or any other instrument in the mandolin family (mandola, mandocello), and can read music, you are welcome to join.  Please visit the Web site http://mandolinorchestra.org for more information.  If you are interested in taking lessons in mandolin, or any other instrument in the mandolin family, please contact Adam Sweet at 413-224-8600.